American Health Care Professionals (AHCP)  are extremely excited to be one of the first companies in the DC Metropolitan area to offer Telehealth Monitoring services.

AHCP Telehealth Remote Monitoring Services (RMS) utilizes individual AHCP HealthWins™ devices and a multiuser AHCP HealthWins™ kiosk.

  • Personal empowerment and the ability to manage your own health in your own home.
  • Peace of mind knowing exactly how your body responds to your lifestyle.
  • The ability to understand and make the changes necessary to maintain a healthy &
    independent life.

Call Center

AHCP is a champion in the implementation of prevention and wellness programs utilizing telehealth products with both non-profit and for profit organizations.


Global Health Access (GHA)

  • GHA is an Health IT & Mobile Health Development company with the purpose to improve health care access for individuals around the world. GHA certified 24/7 Call center has expert nurse and telehealth professionals that work with IT health companies to monitor and triage health care concerns. GHA specilalizes in innovative health IT solutions for wellness programs, mental health and chronic health conditions. 

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