Faith Based


Our Mission Because We CARE

Empower Communities to Take Action on Staying Well!

The CA=RE Model:
Church Action = Responsibility and Empowerment

AHCP’s focus is to partner with Congregational communities to take Action by promoting and educating their members about the importance of prevention and wellness. Through our workshops, individuals will learn to be Responsible, and have personal Empowerment to manage their health and well-being.
Paul teaches that a person’s physical body “is the temple of the holy spirit.” (1 Cor. 6.19.)

Telehealth Monitoring

AHCP’s Telehealth Remote Monitoring Services (RMS) utilizes individual AHCP HealthWins™ devices and a multiuser AHCP HealthWins™ kiosk.

AHCP Network: Our Record to Date

  • AHCP has screened over 12,000 people in the past 4 years in the United States, and with  international health partners across the globe
  • AHCP has conducted over 750 separate health screenings in DC Metropolitan area churches, businesses, senior facilities, community centers and schools
  • AHCP conducts 4 screenings per week, 16 per month, 192 each year
  • AHCP currently conducts 4 health screenings per week of upwards of 100 people per week on average
  • AHCP works with all major insurance carriers and has partnerships with The Reston Hospital Center and other regional health facilities
  • AHCP can bill for reimbursable insurance payments with a variety of health insurance companies including: Medicare/Medicaid  Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem, United Health, Aetna, and Cigna
  • AHCP has ongoing membership programs, sponsored wellness events and health screenings with the following area churches: Assemblies of God, United Methodist Church, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches across the DC Metropolitan area
  • AHCP has ongoing partnerships with: Reston Hospital Center, Fairfax County Health Department, George Mason University, Outpatient Clinics, mental health providers, and physician practice groups
  • AHCP helps save lives every week. To date AHCP has determined that over 60 percent of our screened and tested population has dangerously high blood pressure, 42% had high risk for diabetes. Health issues related to obesity, mental health, aneurysm and stroke were identified and addressed for every participant
  • AHCP ensures that every high risk person identified receives care to address their personal health issues